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Little Farm Clicker

Little Farm Clicker

Little Farm Clicker

Little Farm Clicker


The agricultural simulation game Little Farm Clicker requires a great deal of taping, sowing, harvesting, and upgrading. We are about to enter the vacation season! Susan and her friends chose to escape from the bustling metropolis when they visited Susan's grandfather's farm. If you select the plots of wheat and chickens as well as those that you helped the children grow, you could get your money. The money can be used to increase the number of plants and animals on your farm. By doing so, you can shorten or automate the agricultural harvesting season and increase production. With the rewards they receive after completing specific objectives, players can purchase improvements and boxes. The farm will be more profitable as they have greater access to animals and plants. You can become the most successful farmer by cultivating a modest piece of land!

Big Farm also uses the same gameplay concepts. Have fun and enjoy yourself.


  • Stunning 2D graphics
  • Logical regulates
  • Engaging gameplay
  • Multiple livestock and products to be cultivated
  • There are missions to fulfill and enhancements to implement.

How To Play

Click or tap to farm.

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