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Merge Harvest

Merge Harvest

Merge Harvest

Merge Harvest


Merge Harvest is a puzzle game that you can play. You have to put together different items from a farm in order to create new things.

You will also find endless opportunities to discover new and exciting adventures. There are almost a thousand activities available, and you can unlock or combine more than 250 different things. To get enough energy and money, you will need to be able to open wooden chests and retrieve jewels. You will need to process wood, stone, and other raw materials in order to repair buildings, collect eggs, make milk, and fish. You must also make the most of every opportunity that presents itself to you in order to uncover the hidden secrets in every corner and crevice.

There is still much to be done in our compilation of merging games with all their challenges. Do you feel ready to combine?


  • Unlock more than 250 distinct items for more than 1000 tasks to mix, combine, and interact with.
  • Clean up the area of lethal thistle and restore BakerTown's structures.
  • To create the materials required to restore structures, process wood, stone, and clay.
  • Produce a variety of foods by growing fruits and vegetables, obtaining milk, eggs, and fish, and so on.
  • Upgrade your structures to increase output, and your storage to get more spaces.
  • Discover the secrets of this welcoming community.

How To Play

Using mouse.

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