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The revolutionary blend of second-dimensional shooter and civilization-building action in takes players into space. The participants in this cosmic play area must overcome microgravity challenges while working towards the establishment and growth of their interstellar empire. Don't forget your friends, and have fun!

You will need to first find a suitable planet to build on and collect materials. In the center of the earth, you will find the most powerful planets. Your abilities include the construction of mines to extract oil, factories that manufacture weapons, defensive walls, towers, and more. For the development of your technology, it is necessary to destroy asteroids. Form alliances and team fights with your friends if you prefer not to play solo.

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Tips and Tricks

  • Collect the resources either from the quarries or from the asteroids.
  • Build the cities to provide the labor force.
  • Construct the necessary factories to assemble the weaponry.
  • Participate in alliances to effectively attack other planets.
  • Ensure that your planet has sufficient resources at all times.

How To Play

  • Move: W, A, S, and D or arrow keys
  • Aim: Mouse
  • Fire: Left click or Space
  • Boost: Shift
  • Chat: T or Enter
  • Select Weapon: Q and E
  • Directional Thrust: Right Click
  • Directional Reverse: Middle Click
  • Toggle Alliance: R
  • H for help

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