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Mini Flips Plus

Mini Flips Plus

Mini Flips Plus

Mini Flips Plus


Mini Flips Plus, an arcade game, is where you must flip sides, jump and avoid obstacles to collect all the coins. Prepare for nearly 160 challenging levels!

You can travel to a pixelated universe with endless flames, mystical gateways and jellyfish foes. Jumping can take you anywhere in the world. By timing your jumps correctly and avoiding deadly dangers, you could traverse an entire globe. The planet has more than 160 levels, and you can choose between two different gameplay styles. You can either start the level mode right away or wait for a short advertisement to unlock speedrun mode. You should practice the levels before you attempt speed runs. The world teaches fundamental skills. As your character moves across the platform, timing is key. Next, you will learn to manipulate gravity and portals. The portals can alter your character's mechanics and allow you to walk or stand upside down. These portals can be used strategically to avoid being trapped and obtain all of the gold money.

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How To Play


  • Touch Right to Jump.
  • Touch Left to use the arrow panels.


  • C, Up Arrow or Left Click to Jump.
  • Space, or Right Click to use the arrow panels.

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