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Minicraft is your destination. This thrilling role-playing action game will keep you entertained and productive during your spare time. You will be able to build a variety of structures as you explore what appears to be an endless number of worlds. The buildings can be simple, like a house or complex, such as an entire fortification system. Build your own world using these cube-shaped bricks. Let your imagination soar after you have gathered a large amount of wood. You can also compare the process of building a monument to fitting wood pieces into pre-cut openings. You can then use anchors to fix the door or wall to the ground. Minicraft allows you to let your creativity and imagination run wild. Create something no one has seen before. Minicraft can now be played by players. Enjoy!

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  • Survival Mode players must take all required steps to stay alive, such as collecting materials, crafting their own equipment, leveling up, and other tasks.
  • Super Hard mode: Similar to Survival Mode, but only allows for one life.
  • In Creative mode, players have the power to instantly remove obstacles and fly in any direction.


  • A fantastic game of invention and crafting.
  • Make your own planet out of pixel data cubes.
  • The system of equipment and tools is diverse enough to encourage inventiveness.
  • The variety of game modes and maps keeps things interesting.

How To Play

  • W/ Up: Move Up
  • S/ Down: Move Down
  • A/ Left: Move Left
  • D/ Right: Move Right
  • ESC: Main Menu
  • C/ Space/ Enter: Craft / Select / Attack
  • X: Inventory
  • Z: Global Crafting

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