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Noob Fuse

Noob Fuse

Noob Fuse

Noob Fuse


Noob Fuse is a Minecraft-based adventure game. Join him as he embarks on crazy adventures. You can use explosives in each level while you are searching for the gems. While covering your ears, shock the blocks with a loud sonic blast.

Unknown to us is who erected them. Who are the inhabitants? Could it be a troll or a resident? Where these people come from doesn't really matter! The only thing important is to eliminate them! In this game, there is only one objective. The goal of the game is to use bricks made from TNT to explode various buildings in an array of levels. Once the game starts, you may move using the WASD keys or the Arrow Keys. You can jump by pressing the SPACE BAR. Choose the right location for your explosive. Right-click the mouse to put your bomb in the proper location. By clicking the lighter, you can use the mouse or arrows. In a few seconds, it will explode and destroy or damage nearby blocks. In every building, you will find a chest. It is necessary to open this jewel-filled treasure box. You can exchange the goods you have for stronger explosives. Each of the 42 stages is unlocked in turn. You will find that the difficulty level of this game increases as you continue to play. You may be the most skilled demolitionist in history.

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  • Vividly pixelated 3D images
  • 42 levels to be completed
  • To unlock a variety of explosive kinds
  • Animated gameplay Simple controls

How To Play

  • Use your mouse to aim.
  • Use the right-click to place TNT and light it.
  • Use the WASD or the arrow keys to move around.
  • Use the SPACE BAR to jump.
  • Use the mouse scroll to change the items.

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