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Share allows you to play a great multiplayer game where your goal is to collect as many stars as possible in order for your spacecraft to grow. It is the fusion of asteroids and slithering that makes this game so fascinating. Free arena shooter brings together the most popular features of the other games in the same genre without ever sacrificing ease or fun. This 2-dimensional top-down shooter lets you take on the role of a spacecraft's pilot. You must avoid laser-armed asteroids, as well as other players who want to eliminate your pilot. Use asteroids to gain money. Laser cannons grow faster, bigger, and stronger as they collect more asteroids. Exploring the cosmos is possible by crushing enemies and meteors. Take a break and enjoy the party!

How To Play

  • Use keyboard controls (WADS or arrows) to steer your ship through a dangerous asteroid field.
  • Collect "stardust" crystals to power your ship. 
  • Destroy the asteroids (using Space or Shift) to release more stardust.
  • Hyperspace away from danger using the H key.

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