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Share has stunning 3D graphics and an exciting robot warfare game. This browser-based multi-player game combines strategic planning, quick reflexes, and personalization with its futuristic settings and combat robots controlled by the player. is a browser-based multiplayer game created by an enthusiastic team of developers. Its addictive gameplay, stunning graphics, and active online community have won over many fans. lets users control robotic armies that are armed with an array of powerful capabilities. The game types include team deathmatch, capture the flag, and free-for-all. Each requires a different approach to victory.

When they begin playing, players are presented with a choice of robot chassis. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Customization options allow players to adjust the robot's equipment according to their own playstyle. offers a variety of game styles, including long-range fighters and close-quarters snipers. Enjoy the most gruesome 3D destruction as you take on players from around the globe!

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  •'s customization choices are what make the game what it is at its core. To design a configuration that fits their chosen fighting style, players may outfit their robots with a variety of weapons, armor kinds, and special powers.
  • Weapon Variety: The game has a remarkable array of weapons, from tactical deployable to energy-based blasters and deadly rockets. For a battle to be won, the appropriate weapons combination must be selected.
  • Strategic Depth: success involves both tactical strategy and flexibility. To win, players must foresee their opponents' maneuvers, hold onto strategic locations on the map, and work well with their teammates.
  • Players advance through the game's progression system by gaining experience points and in-game money as they participate in combat and complete missions. These awards enable further advancement and customization by granting access to additional robot components, weaponry, and accessories.
  • Competitions and Community: has a vibrant player community. Players are kept interested in the game via frequent updates, activities, and competitions that give them the chance to compete in talent shows.


  • Don't overlook maintenance.
  • Remember to purchase enhancements.
  • Remember to use both weapons.
  • Experiment with various types of armaments.
  • Shotgun is more effective when fired near to the target.
  • Wall-bouncing grenades permit indirect killings.
  • Each of the tiny flames created by Flamethrower can ignite any automaton. Be cautious not to light your own flames. Utilize it to hold down opponents.
  • You can take damage from your own rocket launcher and grenades, so use caution when using them.

How To Play

  • Use W, A, S, D keys to move your robot.
  • Aim with mouse cursor.
  • Shoot left and right weapons with left and right mouse buttons.
  • Press Space to sprint.
  • Press Shift to activate shield.
  • Press B to open shop menu.
  • Press Esc to change sound/fullscreen/quality settings.

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