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Skibidi Toilet Rampage

Skibidi Toilet Rampage

Skibidi Toilet Rampage

Skibidi Toilet Rampage


Skibidi Toilet Rampage makes for a fun activity. The levels are a colorful, psychedelic extravaganza filled with wacky antics and brilliant colors. If you're going to be able to play this game, then it is up to you to help stop the bad guy from unleashing a legion of Skibidi Toilets onto the earth's surface and causing havoc.

The story will take unexpected turns, and you'll be able to unlock more challenging levels. As you dodge lethal attacks and try to destroy your opponents in a brutal way, your reflexes are also put to the ultimate test. If you want to defeat a mob of evil commodes, you will need both confidence and courage.

How To Play

  • Keyboard: To move the character or browse menus, most people use the arrow or WASD keys. The Enter key is used to start or halt the game, while the space bar is often used to leap.

  • Mouse: In first-person shooter games, the mouse is used to aim and fire, choose items from menus, and interact with game elements. The right mouse button is utilized for secondary activities like aiming down sights or interacting with objects, whereas the left mouse button is often used for selecting or shooting.

  • Spacebar: This key is mostly utilized for jumping, shooting, and object interaction.

  • Esc button: This key is often used to halt a game or open the menu.

  • The scoreboard and inventory are both utilized, and the tab button is used to navigate the site.

  • The number keys are mostly used to swap between weapons and choose things.

  • Ctrl or Shift: These keys are often utilized while sprinting or squatting.

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