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Share allows you to pilot your spacecraft and engage with other players in exciting online space fighting games. You can win fights by defeating your opponents.

It is difficult to find top-down shooters with a space theme as original and rich in features as this one. Click on the appropriate spacecraft to see its capabilities and features. You can modify the layout to your liking, select a username, and submit a pairing request. The ship will move to wherever the cursor is. You'll need to keep the ship on course by steering it around stars or asteroids. You can use your gun or a cannon to kill your enemies and earn points. The goal of the server is to get the highest score. This can be achieved by killing other players or staying alive. To speed up, you can use the combined attraction of several planets. Avoid them if you don't wish to get burned by their culture. Are you up for the challenge of participating in high-stakes matches like these? Let's have some fun and get started!


  • Attractive optimized 2D graphics
  • Upgrade many skills in combat
  • Customize color scheme
  • A collection of new ships

How To Play

  • Click LMB to shoot
  • Click on RMB to activate the protective shield.
  • Left mouse button for action.

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