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Share is the infinite pixel universe created by YOU! You can build anything that you imagine, using your creativity and colors. This game does not have a leaderboard or other players with whom to compete.

Trust me when I say that you can make the changes you want in the world. It has many similarities with the Minecraft world. This sounds familiar. The central game activity of building and crafting stimulates the imaginations of players, which makes it so popular. Rewind to get the hang of it!

Use the four main modes: View, Build, Pick and Destroy. You're working in a 3-D environment, so looking around is important when choosing a site. You can choose a desired color in the Pick mode before you enter Build mode. You can change the color to meet your aesthetic requirements. Later, you can create whatever you want. You can easily remove a block if you made a mistake by clicking it after switching to Destroy Mode and waiting until a red "X" appears on the block. Join your friends and build anything you want, whenever and wherever!

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How To Play

  • View mode. Use mouse to look around and WASD keys to move.
  • Build mode. Select voxel color from bottom menu, left click to put the voxel.
  • Pick mode. This mode is colorpicker. Pick voxel color from existing voxel around you.
  • Destroy mode. Select voxel and destroy it by clicking it.
  • Enter - Open / close chat window.
  • Space - Open / close tools window where you can share your location or change view distance.

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