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Share lets you take on the role of an ordinary soldier, charged with protecting your fortress and fending off merciless cybernetic intruders.

WarScrap's exclusive gameplay is all about teamwork, with a small amount of player versus player. Join the war between the invading army of unstoppable machines and a player-controlled rebellion group. Together with up to nine other players, you must protect the core reactors and your base. Use the cores earned to unlock weapons and equipment to aid you in your fight with anyone standing in your way. Are you able to take over their area and stop them from invading and wiping out your entire army?

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How To Play

  • Movement use WASD.
  • Jump use Space.
  • Attack use Left Click.
  • Zoom / Aim use Right Click.
  • Cycle Weapons: use Mouse Scroll, Right Click, or 1 Key.
  • Action use E.
  • Chat use Enter.
  • Pause / Options use P.
  • Mouse Lock / Unlock use L.

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