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Share is a fun game featuring Steve, the beloved character from Minecraft. In this frantic tournament, everyone is trying to be Steve's Crown Prince. In the game, a minimap displays the positions of each player. The game allows you to control the detonation of six explosives at once.

Keep an eye out for your explosives while you try to eliminate other players. Try trapping them and blowing them with TNT. What kind of expansion can you achieve? Could you take on the role of Steve to become the champion in the blasting competition?

Play this Steve-themed multiplayer game in Minecraft. Collect jewels and explosives to help him destroy his enemies. Are you destined to become Steve, the towering winner of this blasting competition? Experience the exhilarating thrill of this thrilling multiplayer experience by diving into now!


  • An game with a growable Steve's head from Minecraft
  • Pixel graphics in two dimensions
  • Thrilling action where you may detonate others with TNT
  • Minimap to see each player's position on the map
  • Increasing speed at the expense of your experience bar

How To Play

  • Left click to throw TNT
  • Right click to boost speed

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