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Dive Masters

Dive Masters

Dive Masters

Dive Masters


Dive Masters is a great game for those who love swimming. In order to swim, players must make a high-flying leap.

Dive Masters lets you show off your skills by showing off your best moves. This computer-controlled video game allows you to flip coins while performing a daring jump off a cliff. By pressing the left mouse button or a finger, you can direct your character to perform a daring leap off a cliff. Press the left mouse button to make the character jump into the well once he is inside.

Pike diving is a great way to show off your diving skills. Dive Masters test your diving and jumping abilities to evoke the summertime activity of Flip Diving.

The high-score-obsessed can benefit from your heights. Dive Masters gets harder the more you play. The difficulty of Dive Masters increases as you climb the cliff. As you climb the cliff, your score increases. You can also collect more coins in mid-flight. Try to make a smooth entry into the swimming pool.

The game can be compared to Monster Soccer 3D and Snowball Kickup.


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • 19 different characters
  • Multiple levels on various spots
  • Daily spin to unlock different characters and diving tricks

How To Play

Click on the insulation key on the keyboard to perform the dance


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