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Share will be the perfect virtual home for those who love to fidget with rotating items. You can find more spinning items on the field than you could ever need. And one is right in front of you. You can help him stand out on the field by collecting points. These are multiplied if you gather colorful items. You can turn the spinner to charge ahead and destroy your rivals and their score in one second. If something heavier collides against something lighter, the light stuff will be picked up and the heavy stuff will fall off. It is good to approach the ball if you see it. Remove color from it. You can then go offensive when you have confidence in the strength of your spinner. This will allow you to defeat the other spinners until you reach the top. Good luck!

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How To Play

  1. Collect points to strengthen your spinner.
  2. When you have enough spin power to be safe, sprint toward the closest spinner to take it out.
  3. Repeat the process until you are number one.
  4. Tell your loved ones about your success.

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