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Gun War Z2

Gun War Z2

Gun War Z2

Gun War Z2


Gun War Z2 players use first-person perspectives to defeat zombies and lead survivors to safety.

You have the power to end zombies. You can use a range of weapons and levels with simple controls. Civilization has been overthrown by the undead.

As a first-person gunner, your goal is to protect as many people as possible from the zombie hordes. There are 30 levels in total. The tiers can be broken down into three different groups. There are many weapons you can use, including lasers and machine guns. You can express your individuality while still completing routine tasks by personalizing your weapon or sight settings.

You'll be able to help them reach the airport and begin an exciting journey. Be sure to protect them and not cause harm with any missiles or barrels. Gun War Z2 is a great ride.

If you are interested in playing some interesting Shooting games such as Gun War Z2, then try Raft Wars 2 or Dinogen Online.

How To Play

  • Simple and intuitive mouse control.
  • Firing a rocket to the “A” key.

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