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Share focuses on leaping intelligently and taking out unsuspecting foes. You must jump to survive, leap to save, and jump for life. Players will be able to utilize their best parkour-style maneuvers in this abstract platformer game. This game allows you to raise your level by destroying weaker opponents. But it's more difficult than just walking around an open arena. You'll need to find your adversaries on a large platform with two dimensions. There are many hazards, such as steep leaps and narrow spaces. Jump over gaps, up cliffs, and across waterfalls. Always land and jump in style over the ungainly blobs of enemy figures. Take their essence and become the ultimate formless blob to win this new, strategic IO game.'s online game is all about leaping. Who would have thought? You move around the map like a bouncy ball. To attack other players, you will need to leap from great heights. As a result, they will explode, sending their masses flying in every direction. Are you up for a challenging adventure?

How To Play

  • Use WASD KEYS to jump around.
  • Press W or SPACEBAR as many times to jump twice.

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