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Share is an entertaining online game in which you must protect a space station from the evil empire. Initially, you will be expanding your outpost, which necessitates mining. All the essentials for sustaining life in space, such as fuel, oxygen, food, and water, must be procured. Later on, you may begin stockpiling the machinery you'll need to fully automate the process. Since this is a cooperative game, you'll all be working toward a common objective. You should do everything you can to aid the team's efforts, and you shouldn't let anybody down. Be sure to give the game a go; you won't regret it.

How To Play

  • WASD - to move
  • Number keys - change equip
  • Space bar/mouse click - use current equip
  • C - craft
  • I - inventory
  • R - rotate
  • E - interact
  • M - map
  • P - colony

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