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Share is a multiplayer sandbox based on the original Minecraft. This game includes everything you could do in vanilla Minecraft, plus more. The game allows players to explore, discover useful items, construct shelters, design complex machinery, form alliances, and battle nighttime creatures. On worlds or servers that players create, they can store things, construct houses, and do many other exciting activities. Players can also play a wide variety of minigames similar to those on Hypixel, in addition to playing and creating shared worlds. Gamers can earn rewards every day by participating in activities within the community and getting freebies. Users can also start an online shop, trade for exclusive items, or join a vibrant community. In this Minecraft world, you can experience the excitement of epic multiplayer battles.

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  • Enemies: The IO game has formidable enemies that must be defeated with teamwork or skill. Players who defeat them get priceless riches.
  • Shops: To purchase and sell things, users may construct their own shops or utilize those designed by developers as defaults. By showcasing their universe or other "tricky" things, players might draw in visitors.
  • Friends: By connecting and adding friends to their friend list, gamers may discover other players online and issue teleport requests more easily.
  • Teleport Requests: By selecting the Players button in the upper left corner, players may ask to teleport to any other online player. The player will be immediately transported to them if they agree to the request.
  • A fair price is established by bidding and outbidding at auctions, where players may purchase and sell planets and things. The world or object is won by the highest bidder.

How To Play

  • WASD (or arrows) - move
  • F - open/close player inventory
  • Left Shift - run
  • Enter - chat
  • Left mouse button - attack (hold for shot from bow)
  • Right mouse button - action (put the block, open the block inventory, use the teleport)
  • Keys 1 to 8 - switching the active item in quick inventory
  • Q - drop active item
  • Esc - close active window / open game menu.

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