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MiniRoyale 2

MiniRoyale 2

MiniRoyale 2

MiniRoyale 2


MiniRoyale 2 is a multiplayer online battle royale similar to Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex Legends. The fun FPS lets you team up with other players around the world. The game pits you against 10 opponents in a fight to the death where your survival is paramount. In this game, you'll engage in battle on the edge of a lawless city. You should not hide or run, and you shouldn't also duck in the face of fire. Hone your skills instead as a fighter.

Start the game by selecting an area on the map. Jump and then guide your parachutes to the landing zone that is most beneficial. Once you land on the ground, you will quickly realize that your weapons are useless. You should search under the furniture and use the boxes to shoot down drones. Also, take any guns, ammunition, and other equipment you find.

After you obtain a good cannon and are armed with enough ammunition to eliminate all of your opponents, it is time to start shooting. Use your arsenal to its fullest. This includes grenades (or smoke bombs), 15 types of weapons, drones that shoot, etc. This is the only way to eliminate all your opponents. Aim carefully, keep moving quickly, and keep a low profile until that time. You should remain hidden in a safe area if you want to live.

On the main menu, you can customize your character's face. It will also allow you to choose a song that you like and then dance along with it. This shows how happy you feel when you defeat an opponent. Fight with real warriors and prove your superiority. You can use drones and 15 types of weapons in your strategies. Stay as far away from the action as possible!

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How To Play

  • Movement : WASD
  • Shift : Slow Walk
  • Aim : Mouse
  • Shoot : Left Click
  • Focus : Right Click
  • Jump : Space
  • Map / Tablet : Caps Lock
  • Inventory : TAB
  • Switching Weapon : 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Using pill or syringe : X
  • Dance Emote : H

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