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Share, an io game that focuses on the first-person shooter genre, is available. This is a battle! The only way to get home is through a body bag or the top of the leaderboard. is a game where you win by killing and lose by dying. It's fun, easy, and dangerous. You can choose from many weapons, and you can practice hiding, crouching, and jumping. This game won't have you shooting at an AI opponent with dumb bullets. No, sir. This planet will have hundreds of gamers competing against you. You may be convinced that you are a skilled player. You may be able to repeatedly prove your skills in online battles by eradicating foes one after another and two by two. In this thrilling adventure game, you will need to go head-to-head, eye-to-eye, toe to tip, and trigger-to-trigger. Is this the best place to be in this crazy world?

How To Play

• Left mouse button to shoot
• Right mouse button to aim
• R to reload • C to crouch • P to pause
• 1-9 keys to changing weapon
• T to open chat and enter to send
• Space bar to jump
• Hold shif

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