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Skibidi Toilet Shooter Chapter 1

Skibidi Toilet Shooter Chapter 1

Skibidi Toilet Shooter Chapter 1

Skibidi Toilet Shooter Chapter 1


Skibidi Toilet Shooter Chapter 1, a quirky and funny adventure game, is all about surprises. The lavatories are used as the battlegrounds in this unusual shooter.

The figure you choose will appear on screen at an angle with a pistol. This follows a circular path. The Skibidi Toilets are moving at different speeds, so it's important to be able to target and shoot them.

The game features a variety of settings. The obstacles and enemies in each scenario are unique, whether they're in odd environments or beautifully crafted arenas. Players will experience a mix of strategic gameplay and an action-packed game as they maneuver through chaos.

The players can take on bosses who have odd weapons or power-ups like water balloons and plungers. Graphics are vivid, and character challenges include bathroom themes. A soundtrack that combines sound effects with music creates a lively, fun atmosphere. Enjoy yourself now!

How To Play

  • W,A,S,D: move
  • Left mouse button or click on mobile devices screen.
  • Space: skip
  • ESC: pause the game

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