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Slime Ball

Slime Ball

Slime Ball

Slime Ball


Slimeball is a two-dimensional soccer game where you play as slime. Kick the ball to the base of the opposing team. The game offers both single-player and multiplayer game modes, as well as a wide variety of playable maps. If you're willing to put your mind to it, you can have a great time and really enjoy the game. It is extremely enjoyable to play football while wearing a slime mask. This game is a visual treat thanks to its stunning user interface and its incredible sound and visual quality. Learn more about the game right now!

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How To Play

Player 1 (Blue Slime)

  • W: Jump
  • A: Go left
  • D: Go right
  • Space: Shot

Player 2 (Red Slime)

  • Up Arrow: Jump
  • Left Arrow: Go left
  • Right Arrow: Go right
  • P: Shot

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