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Stickman Temple Duel

Stickman Temple Duel

Stickman Temple Duel

Stickman Temple Duel


Stickman Temple Duel is a stickman shooting game with numerous game types to keep you occupied. The first option is the story mode, in which you control a stickman in a variety of stages while completing objectives and fighting foes. Naturally, you'll have to get rid of them in order to progress further in the game. Then there's the arena, where you can play versus bots or another user on the same PC. You may call a friend and see who is the better fighter. Best of luck!

How To Play

  • Controls for Story Mode:
    • Movement: WASD or Arrow Keys
    • Aim : Mouse Control Shoot: Mouse Left Click
  • Controls For 2 Player:
    • Player 1 Movement : Arrow Keys
    • Player 1 Shoot : “L” Key
    • Player 1 Shield: “K” Key
    • Player 2 Movement: WASD Keys
    • Player 2 Shoot: “F” Key
    • Player 2 Shield: “G” Key
  • Controls for VS Bot:
    • Movement: Arrow Keys
    • Shoot: “L” Key Shield: “K” Key

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