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Share is a smash hit new IO game with a Slither-like aesthetic. This game was designed by a talented team, and it successfully mashes together gameplay with some fresh twists. Your objective as a worm in a crowded arena is to consume colored pellets, destroy other worms, and become the largest and most powerful in the swarm. provides players with hours of exciting and strategic multiplayer gameplay thanks to its simple controls, varied environments, and leaderboard competition.

In, you take charge of a nimble worm and compete against other players to see who can grow to be the longest and strongest. You'll be competing against other human and computer-controlled worms on a vibrant, ever-changing playing field. Eating the luminous pellets placed throughout the arena will cause your worm to grow. By consuming these pellets, your worm will grow in size and strength, making it more effective in combat.

If you want to win against other players, you'll need to utilize strategy and make the most of your worm's speed and agility. When trying to outsmart and avoid being assaulted by other players, it's important to use both offensive and defensive strategies. Your gang or you can especially cut other foes. Will you be able to dominate the stage?

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How To Play

Hold left mouse button to move and attack, release to defense and attack. In battle, holding can lose more swords than releasing.

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