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The Battle Cats

The Battle Cats

The Battle Cats

The Battle Cats


The Battle Cats players use their adorable feline guardians to defeat attackers. They may be able to conquer the world by fighting their enemies. You will win and your country will be theirs.

There will be more stages. You can train your cats and increase their experience points by completing more stages. When a monster reaches the level of 10, it gains new abilities and may even be able to take on its True Form. You will be able to add exotic creatures and unique relics to your collection. Cat food is essential for your cat's health.

The Battle Cats have a lot to offer. There are hundreds of Story Mode levels and tons of Legend challenges. Get The Battle Cats today!

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  • Basic and straightforward combat system
  • Many adorable and oddball kitties to unlock and employ in combat.
  • Straightforward leveling system
  • Countless levels across different narrative types and legend challenges

How To Play

Using mouse.


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