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Shell Shockers
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Share is a great option for action game lovers who enjoy and Shell Shockers. This game will have you battling with strong opponents. You will earn rank points by digging tunnels and collecting amber bars. This is your goal. First, you will be able to select your icon's skin and voice interface. Similar options will be available for how to proceed. There is no risk when you are having fun. This place is full of flaws. However, the effort to collect amber bars was not in vain. Any rank earns you rank points. You can increase the icon's type of ammunition, damage and reload speed by placing a rank point near you. letter. In MudWars, you control the tank and fight other players. Before the foundation is created, you will have the ability to select your user name, skin icon, and server region. You must move around the battle area to fire at the amber gems scattered across the world. Each nugget that is eliminated gives you experience points and allows you to upgrade your armored vehicle. Tell your friends and enjoy!

How To Play

Use mouse to aim, rotate and shoot, use WASD keys to move the tank.


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